About Us

Introducing PHARMAWHIZ FOUNDATION with the best prospects on GMP, Quality system, & providing the documents which meet the current pharmaceutical & healthcare regulatory expectation and created with sound practical knowledge.

Here at PHARMAWHIZ, we are presenting multiple portals e.g. articles, material/ supplier, documents., where you can get the information with an ease search.

To meet the regulatory expectations and in compliant way, we need to be on our toes all time to meet the pace. To achieve this, All Time Readiness is the Vision and DNA of PHRAMAWHIZ FOUNDATION by delivering the best information with compliant to current regulatory expectations, which would help in strengthening the Quality culture in Organizations. We all set to provide you the best quality documents articulation in form of Standard Operating Procedures/Policies/Protocols/Challenges in validation etc. PHARMAWHIZ is perfect platform to connect and meeting the suppliers and top pharmaceutical industries in a better way.

You will also get an insight for establishment of suppliers for your organization. In pharmaceutical sector, to get the right Raw & Packing Material and right supplier is a key challenge and to keep in our mind we at PHARMAWHIZ provide supplier/ material portal so that you can search right material & right supplier.

PHARMAWHIZ is a well-designed website representing a strong pharmaceutical DNA. Let’s have a new experience by deep-diving with PHARMAWHIZ.

We believe Quality is not a destination, It’s way of life.